We are the area's only full service music store. We sell new and used guitars, basses, amps, woodwinds, brass, percussion, strings, PA equipment, and lighting. With a complete range from beginner to professional instruments and equipment, we can meet any need for any level of player.

Buy & Trade

We also buy and take trade ins on instruments, amps, and sound equipment. All valuations are done in the store only, NO email or phone valuations are done. We must physically see the equipment before we will discuss any values.


We do take instruments on consignment. We work with you to set a reasonable retail price. After the sale, 20% or $50 (whichever is higher) of the total goes to the store, and then any needed fees (listing, sale fee, payment fee, shipping) are taken out. The remainder is held for 7 days (in-store) or 14 days (on-line) to clear our return policy. We only keep instruments on consignment for 60 days.


We carry complete lines of accessories for all the instruments and equipment we sell. Strings, picks, reeds, lubricants, heads, cables, etc. We can also offer suggestions if you are unsure of what to get for your instrument.


We offer lessons on all instruments, with teachers that are trained and experienced on every instrument. Lessons are $25 for a ½ hour and $40 for a full hour (We recommend starting with ½ hr. lessons for beginners, and that all lessons are at least once a week). If you pay on the first lesson of the month for the entire month, you get 1 lesson free that month. All students must be paid at least 1 week in advance. Lessons must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance to be rescheduled. Two no-shows or cancelled lessons without the 24 hours’ notice will result in cancellation of your lessons. Your scheduled time is your only guaranteed time, and must end on time as there may another one right after yours. Any rescheduling of lessons must be approved by the teacher and Z Music.


We offer repair services on all instruments and equipment we sell. Most smaller jobs can be handled in the store. All repairs include a minimum $15 bench fee, all parts, and any additional charges for time worked ($15 per half hour). “Rush” jobs will be charged at $25 per every half hour. Price estimates are just that – estimates. We will do our best on a quote, but the scale and difficulty of some jobs does not become clear until you get into the repair, and my increase the cost. All increases will be discussed with you before any more work is done.

Larger repairs are handled by independent contractors that have been approved by Z Music. We have a Luthier (String instrument repair person), a band instrument repair facility, and an electronics repair person all available to handle more involved repairs. These people have their own price structures and working times, but they will stay in contact with us and you so that everyone knows exactly where in the process we are, and what the costs will be.

All repair charges are due upon competition of work. We require a 50% deposit on repairs over $200, and pre-payment for all special order parts or extensive repair requests. Items not picked up within 30 days of notification of completion of work become property of the store and will be sold to cover costs.

Instrument Rentals

Z Music Store is a Vertias Instrumental Rental (VIR) affiliate. We offer a complete line of beginning band and orchestra instruments starting at just $24.61 a month. VIR is a national instrument rental company based in Clearwater FL, and has been in business for over 20 years, and now has over 350 Affiliates in 43 States.

sheet music

We stock a small assortment of sheet music, mostly instructional books, and some personality folios.

     We work with Southcoast Music Distributors, and can order anything from their catalogues, with delivery time usually in 2-4 days.

     We can also do in-store printing of individual titles from for a $2.00 fee over the price of the music.

Sound reinforcement/pa

With our new expansion, and hiring of Mike Markowski, our new Pro Audio department will carry a full range of sound and PA equipment, and will include on-site review, design, and installation services. All major brands of pro audio products will be carried. 


We are a Chauvet Lighting dealer, with a complete line of lights, lasers, fog & bubble machines, electronic control units, truss units, and accessories.

Instrument Valuations

We must physically see the instrument (no picture or phone evaluations)


     Approx. age


     If repairs are needed (and approx. cost)

     Approx. retail value range (for instrument in playable condition)

     “Desirability” of the instrument

You may need to leave the instrument overnight. Depending on age of the instrument, much of this may be only be an educated guess. It can be very difficult to find reliable information for some manufacturers and older instruments. Condition is extremely important - how original an instrument is has a great effect on value. Modifications, refinishing, replacement cases, etc. all lower the value. Not all “old” instruments are valuable.

The price we give you is the approx. retail value. If you want us to purchase the instrument, or to use it as a trade for something else, we will give you the value that we are willing to pay you for it. We will not pay the quoted retail price.